Wish List!

Wish List for Stuart! 

Paper towel (he's a slob)


Fleece/blankets (for his bedding)


High quality wet dog food or kibble (he eats a lot)


Gift cards to Giant grocery store for his fresh 

veggies/fruits (he really does eat a lot)


Gift cards to pet stores or Walmart for supplies

Wish List for other wild babies!

Paper towels


Puppy pads (all sizes)

Fleece or hospital-style baby blankets

Large size plastic rodent wheels (for baby possums)

High quality wet dog/cat food or kibble

Hard nuts in shells (walnuts, pecans, almonds and hazelnuts)

Dry roasted peanuts in shells (unsalted)

Mazuri rodent block (Tractor Supply)

Small ceramic crocks/non-tip feeding bowls

Rubbermaid-style storage containers (these make great baby bins for young opossums) 

Dish detergent (liquid)

Gift cards to grocery stores (for wildlife foods)

Gift cards to Costco (for supplies/food)

Gift cards to pet stores or Walmart (for supplies)