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About Awesome Possumz

My name is Karen Brace. I have been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Virginia since 2012. I started off working only with squirrels and groundhogs and then, in 2016, someone brought me a box containing 11 of the cutest little opossum joeys ever. It was love at first sight. Since then I have been on a mission to rid the world (or at least Virginia) of the misconceptions and misinformation that surround the only only native marsupial in the U.S and Canada. I started Awesome 'Possumz in early 2019 when it was determined that Stuart, one of ​my former rehab animals, could not be released back into the wild (see Stuart's Story). The mission of Awesome 'Possumz is to educate the public about the awesomeness of Virginia opossums.

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