Awesome Possumz Wish List

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Awesome Possumz Wish List

To download the following list in PDF form, click here.

Paper towels

Facial tissue
Laundry detergent
Mrs. Meyer's hand soap
Mrs. Meyer's dish detergent
Puppy pads (all sizes)
Fleece blankets
Hospital-style baby blankets
Any extra fabric you have laying around
High quality dry or wet dog or cat food
Rubbermaid-style storage bins
Timothy hay
Rolled oats (not instant)
Canned chicken (in water)
Canned sardines (in water)
Canned pumpkin
Canned beets
Jars of baby food
Bagged walnut halves/pieces
Gallons of white vinegar
Toys for large parrots (baby squirrels LOVE them!)

Each week we spend at least $25 on fresh fruits, veggies and yogurt for the six resident possums alone (this doubles during baby season!). Obviously produce can’t be purchased in bulk as it will spoil before we can use it all. The solution? Grocery store (Giant Food), Walmart or Costco gift cards!

Want to help…but you don’t know what to get?
Petco, Petsmart and Walmart gift cards are great too! 


If you would like to donate items, please contact me.

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