I often get the question, "Can I volunteer at your organization?"

While there is always something to be done when you care for injured and orphaned wild babies, I am a home-based rehabber; I do not work at a center.  I don't have volunteers come to my home to help feed animals or clean cages. 

However, if you want to do a two-year apprenticeship to become a licensed wildlife rehabber in Stafford County, VA (or a surrounding county), I would be happy to speak with you and get you on the right track.  It's a BIG time commitment (of time and emotion) and it can be costly, so please consider it carefully.

If you love wild babies and want to help but you don't have the time, space or inclination to have the messy buggers in your home, fear not - you can still make a difference!  People are always needed for transportation, grant writing, fund-raising and committee work with various local wildlife rescues. Contact me for more information about wildlife rescues in your area.


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